Data Breach Alerts

Dark Web Monitoring


Data Breach Monitoring

Our advanced dark web monitoring is a powerful tool designed to detect any breaches associated with your business. It employs real-time monitoring to identify and notify us of any compromised credentials.

  • Early Breach Detection

    Identifies potential data breaches on the dark web, enabling swift response to mitigate damage.

  • Credential Protection

    Alerts against compromised usernames and passwords, allowing proactive security measures.

  • Identity Theft Prevention

    Safeguards against personal information exposure, reducing the risk of identity theft.

  • Brand Safeguarding

    Protects businesses by detecting and addressing discussions or trades involving brand-related data.

  • Compliance Adherence

    Assists businesses in meeting regulatory requirements, minimising the risk of fines.

  • Enhanced Security Awareness

    Provides insights into emerging threats, informing better security practices and incident response.


Data breach awareness for your business

Geostream Dark Web Monitoring is crucial for businesses to proactively detect and mitigate potential data breaches. By actively scanning hidden online marketplaces, forums, and platforms, businesses can identify and address vulnerabilities early, preventing reputational damage and protecting sensitive information. Our service is an essential component of a comprehensive cyber security strategy, ensuring the integrity of proprietary data and maintaining the trust of clients and stakeholders in the digital age.

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Questions about Dark Web Monitoring

What is Dark Web Monitoring?

Dark Web Monitoring is a cyber security practice that involves the continuous surveillance and analysis of the dark web—the hidden, unindexed part of the internet. It aims to identify and mitigate potential threats by monitoring for stolen or compromised sensitive information, such as usernames, passwords, and personal data.

What kind of information is monitored on the Dark Web?

Dark Web Monitoring typically focuses on monitoring for compromised credentials, financial information, personal identification details, and any other sensitive data that could be exploited by cyber criminals. This includes information related to individuals, businesses, or organisations.

How does Dark Web Monitoring work?

Dark Web Monitoring works by using specialised tools and technologies to scan and search the dark web for traces of compromised information. These tools may utilise advanced algorithms, machine learning, and human analysis to identify and verify stolen data.

Why is Dark Web Monitoring important for businesses?

Dark Web Monitoring is crucial because it helps individuals and businesses proactively detect if their sensitive information has been compromised. By identifying potential threats early, individuals can take steps to secure their accounts, while businesses can implement measures to protect their employees and customers, ultimately reducing the risk of data breaches and financial loss.

What are the common challenges with Dark Web Monitoring?

Some challenges associated with Dark Web Monitoring include the constantly evolving tactics of cyber criminals, the need for advanced technologies to keep pace with these changes, false positives in threat detection, and the ethical considerations surrounding privacy when monitoring individuals’ information.

How can my business enhance our Dark Web Monitoring efforts?

To enhance Dark Web Monitoring efforts, businesses can adopt multi-factor authentication, regularly update passwords, educate users about phishing and social engineering tactics, implement robust cyber security policies, and invest in comprehensive cyber security solutions.

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