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Accountants & Finance

Managed IT services for Accountants & Finance

IT support for Accountants & Finance

In today’s modern business landscape, technology plays a crucial role for businesses, and accounting and financial firms are no different. Reliable and secure technological solutions are essential for accountants and financial firms to effectively manage their clients’ finances and stay competitive.

  • Secure and compliant

    Our approach is ‘secure-by-default’ and we make sure all the necessary steps are achieved in compliance with relevant regulations such as GDPR.

  • Fast and friendly

    Customer care is at the heart of what we do, and in stressful situations, you need the right team with the correct skill-set to resolve issues, not add to the stress.

  • Proactive and preventative

    Being proactive rather than reactive provides your business stability and reassurance. Our team focuses on the long-term goal rather than any quick fix.

  • Remote and on-site

    Unlimited IT support with no hidden costs. All our support packages include site visits if the engineer cannot resolve the issue remotely.

  • Around-the-clock monitoring

    There is never a time when your systems monitoring stops, even from dusk till dawn — ongoing self-healing and integration to our ticket system run 24/7.

  • Technical Account Manager

    IT support is more than just resolving issues. Your dedicated Technical Account Manager will look after your account and visit you regularly.


Why partner with us?

Only a fraction of UK accounting and financial firms leverage outsourced IT services, many miss out on this valuable resource. As a financial professional, you appreciate the importance of investing in both staff training and providing essential tools.

A commendable accounting firm not only equips its professionals with computers and software but also ensures efficient management of these resources. However, staying up-to-date with technology can be financially challenging for firms without in-house resources.

Our IT support services are tailored to your business size, goals, existing IT infrastructure, and budget, ensuring value for your investment.

An IT support engineer helping healthcare staff with IT


Fast & Reliable IT Support

  • Our Service

    Our streamlined IT support, tailored for accounting, minimises disruptions with various contact options. Site visits ensure continuity with the same engineer, and a proven escalation process swiftly resolves critical issues. Additionally, you’ll have a dedicated Technical Account Manager focused on understanding your accounting needs and providing personalised service.

  • Always Available

    Hidden issues can quietly arise, triggering a countdown to potential failure. Our vigilant 24/7 monitoring autonomously addresses many issues, proactively resolving them before you’re aware. For Accountants/Financial firms needing constant support, our optional Out of Hours (OOH) service ensures assistance during critical events.

Q&A for Accountants & Financial Firms

How secure is our data and privacy?

Ensuring the security and privacy of your financial data is our top priority. Our IT support service employs encryption protocols, robust access controls, and continuous monitoring to safeguard sensitive information. Regular security audits and updates are conducted to address emerging threats and vulnerabilities, and we adhere to industry best practices to maintain the highest standards of data security and privacy.

Will Geostream provide Backup and Disaster Recovery?

Our comprehensive backup and disaster recovery solutions ensure the safety and availability of your financial data. We implement automated, regular backups with redundant storage to prevent data loss. In the unfortunate event of a system failure or data loss, our disaster recovery procedures ensure a swift and efficient restoration process, minimising downtime and ensuring business continuity.

What happens if our Accounting firm grows in size?

Our IT support solution is designed to scale alongside the growth of your accounting operations. We provide a flexible service that can accommodate additional staff.

How can you help us stay compliant with Regulatory Requirements

We prioritise regulatory compliance and have tailored our IT support services to meet the specific requirements of accounting and financial regulations such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We stay informed about changes in regulations to ensure ongoing adherence and provide peace of mind to our clients in the accounting sector.

The team at Geostream have provided IT support to us for several years here at Maguire Training. Their expertise in tailoring a first-class upgrade means our business has a solid IT platform today and for some years to come.

D Rickersey