Data Protection

Backup and Disaster Recovery


A complete managed solution designed specifically to protect your business

The ability to recover your business after a disaster is one of the most significant factors to consider. Our backup and disaster recovery solutions are cost-effective and scalable as your business grows. With backups, files can be recovered in the event of deletion. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery can be used to rapidly restore services after partial or total site failures.

  • Business continuity

    Business continuity is crucial because every second the business is offline means that it is losing money. We ensure you have a business continuity plan in case of unforeseen events.

  • Cloud replication

    Back up your servers and data to the cloud using cloud replication with Geostream Solutions. Ensure you have offsite backups at all times.

  • Regular Testing

    Regular and thorough testing of backups is essential to confirm their complete functionality and ensure the success of recovery processes when needed.

  • Total Security

    You have total security when using our solutions, with every layer proactively monitored and tested. We ensure your data is safely backed up and available when needed.

  • Encrypted Backups

    Encryption is standard when using our solutions; we ensure your data is safe and secure and can only be accessed by authorised individuals.

  • Reduced Costs

    Our handpicked solutions offer the best products at cost-effective prices, providing our clients with affordable backup solutions.


Why is Backup and Disaster Recovery so important?

Backup and disaster recovery are different concepts, but businesses should always run them together. You can have data backed up without a disaster recovery plan, but not the other way around.

Both data backup and disaster recovery have the same goal, to ensure business continuity, and we provide the best solutions and follow best practices ensuring your data is safe and secure at all times. Knowing you can access your data if a disaster happens is crucial to any business.

IT network engineers providing onsite IT support monitoring

Safe, reliable and secure

  • Modern solution

    Traditional backup technology that might rely on inherently unreliable human interaction no longer meets the ever-changing needs of a modern business. Our cost-effective solutions offer a modern take with multiple daily backups and automated encrypted off-site copies, providing disaster recovery, business continuity, and peace of mind.

  • Business Continuity

    Ensuring the uninterrupted operation of your business is of paramount importance, and a well-structured business continuity backup plan serves as a critical cornerstone in achieving this goal. A seamless and robust continuity strategy is indispensable, as it acts as a reliable safety net, safeguarding your business against potential disruptions.

  • Regular Testing

    Testing backups is a crucial practice to ensure the integrity and reliability of your data protection strategy. While backing up your data is undoubtedly a prudent step, its significance can be undermined if these backups are not subjected to regular and thorough testing.

  • Hybrid

    The option of moving your business to the cloud has become a reality. However, some businesses will still need on-premises infrastructure to function; that is where a hybrid backup solution can come in. Our hybrid solutions provide the same protection and restoration ability as local solutions, using the same tools to maintain visibility and peace of mind.

Excellent service received for the last 15 years in respect of IT with Geostream. Highly recommended.
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