Geostream 24/7 Managed Extended Detection & Response Service

Antivirus alone isn’t good enough to protect your business anymore. ⚠️
Our 24/7 Managed Extended Detection & Response service ensures your business has round-the-clock protection. ✅
Get peace of mind knowing you have a dedicated team watching over your business, any time, any day.
What is a 24/7 Managed Extended Detection & Response service? 🕐
1️⃣ 24/7 Monitoring: Picture a dedicated team vigilantly safeguarding your digital environment 24/7, ensuring no threat goes unnoticed.
2️⃣ Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR): Monitoring and analysing endpoint devices to identify and respond to suspicious activities and threats.
3️⃣ Incident Detection and Response: Prompt identification, investigation, and remediation of security incidents and breaches through automated alerts, manual analysis, and response actions.
4️⃣ Threat Hunting: Proactive search for hidden threats and indicators of compromise within your business environment using advanced analytics and investigative techniques.
5️⃣ Security Orchestration and Automation: Automation of routine security tasks and incident response processes to streamline operations, improve response times, and alleviate analyst workload.