Introducing Ourselves

About Us

We are your IT experts

We offer IT support and consultancy services to numerous distinguished local, national, and international companies, often overseeing their entire IT infrastructures.

What We Do

Navigating technology complexities is our forte; we’ve encountered every IT issue imaginable and are well-equipped to assist you.

Our Formula

Our commitment involves delving into the needs of your business and its people, integrating seamlessly into your team.

Why Choose Us

We employ a proven and innovative process to propel your business forward, providing steadfast support at every stage.

Our IT Story

2001 - 2007

Geostream Solutions’ narrative unfolds as a tale of remarkable growth from humble beginnings. The journey commenced when two entrepreneurs acquired their inaugural office in Mansfield, fueled by vision and determination. As our team expanded, so did our renown for reliability and innovation, drawing in new customers and partners. Dedication to excellence transformed one-time clients into enduring relationships, spotlighting the transformative power of commitment and teamwork.

2008 - 2017

Geostream Solutions undeniably stands out as a premier IT provider, boasting a clientele of over 60 businesses spanning the nation—a testament to the trust and satisfaction in our services. Further, strategic alliances with major IT vendors solidify our position in the industry, enhancing both our technological capabilities and innovative edge. As we press forward in expansion, our unwavering commitment to excellence and forward-thinking ensures a future brimming with substantial accomplishments.

2018 - 2021

Our success story unfolds with an increasing number of SMBs and enterprises opting to partner with us, benefiting from our exceptional IT solutions. The dynamic and dedicated team at Geostream Solutions spearheads this success, continually adapting to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our commitment remains resolute in providing an unparalleled IT experience, not just for current clients but for those who will join our esteemed network in the future. The horizon gleams brightly, marking our position as a trusted partner for businesses of all sizes seeking proactive IT support and solutions.

2022 - Present

As our business flourishes, attracting a diverse clientele, our commitment to expansion and innovation remains unwavering. Sustained growth propels us to new heights, prompting an exciting journey of establishing two international offices. These strategic ventures underscore our dedication to serving a global clientele, with one international office now operational in the United States, and another in Australia. We eagerly anticipate enriching our global presence, cultivating new relationships, and delivering unmatched value to our clients as we strengthen our dynamic team and broaden our horizons.