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Managed Cyber Security

We recognize the significance of cyber security, with unauthorized intrusions evolving and escalating rapidly. Our approach is to be ‘secure by default’, but you require the tools to ensure the safety and security of your business and employees, guarding against various attacks.

  • Phishing

    Email scams are employed by cyber criminals aiming to gain access to passwords, credit card information, and other crucial details by deceiving you.

  • Spoofing

    This involves a scam in the guise of a disguised email, crafted to persuade you to willingly give away important data, all while thinking you are communicating with someone else.

  • Ransomware

    A more prevalent form of cyber attack is Ransomware, which locks you out of your systems until a ransom is paid. Even if control is regained, your data remains vulnerable to criminals.

  • Social Engineering

    In this attack, criminals aim to take over an entire computer system, using various techniques, including phone contact, emails, postal services, and even direct communication.

  • Tailgating

    Cyber criminals monitor the day-to-day habits of employees to identify exploitable work patterns. With enough research, they may trick an employee into revealing sensitive data.

  • CEO Fraud

    Employees are targeted by cyber criminals impersonating a company executive, attempting to coerce them into revealing tax information, credit card details, or making an unauthorized payment.


What is Cyber Security?

Prioritizing Cyber Security measures is essential for your business. Cyber-attacks continue to evolve, and the statistics on data breaches are staggering.

Were you aware that employees are the weakest link in network security? With new threats emerging daily, making company-wide changes, improving overall security, obtaining Cyber Essentials Certification, and training employees should all be considered to protect your company from most cyber-attacks.

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How we can help you with Cyber Security
  • Cyber Essentials

    Cyber Essentials is a government-backed certification with two levels: Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus. It’s suitable for small to medium-sized businesses, while larger ones may opt for Cyber Essentials Plus, particularly if they seek government contracts or robust security testing. Achieve the required certification with Geostream, ensuring a smooth and effortless process for your business.

  • Cyber Security Awareness

    In today’s world, it’s crucial for your employees to grasp Cyber Security due to the risk of advanced phishing and ransomware attacks. A single email can lead to a severe breach, often going unnoticed. We recommend implementing automated simulated phishing attacks to identify vulnerabilities and protect your business—a service we encourage our clients to adopt.

  • Dark Web Monitoring

    Thousands of email addresses, passwords, and sensitive data continuously surface on the dark web, posing a threat to your business. Geostream Dark Web Monitoring offers 24/7 protection by constantly checking your business credentials, domains, IP addresses, and email addresses. You’ll receive immediate alerts if any of your business-related data is found on the dark web, providing a crucial advantage over potential threats.

  • Pen Testing

    Pen testing is a critical cyber security service that involves simulating cyber attacks to uncover vulnerabilities in a network, system, or application. Pen testing is an essential tool for maintaining trust and proactively addressing cyber security risks by using various techniques to identify weaknesses, allowing businesses to fortify their security measures and protect sensitive data.

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