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Popular IT Questions

What is Managed IT Support?

Geostream Managed IT Support ensures the comprehensive management of your information technology requirements. We oversee all aspects of hardware and software sourcing, installation, technical support, and IT staffing, serving as your dedicated consultancy and support team. Our services encompass scheduled maintenance, system upgrades, and emergency assistance to sustain the seamless operation of your business.

What does having Managed IT Support cost?

Our support model operates on a fixed monthly fee, determined by the number of users, the size, and complexity of your network(s). Once engaged, our Managed IT Support covers maintenance and support for every facet of your network, providing assurance and enabling accurate forecasting of your IT maintenance costs.

What if we already have an internal IT department?

Should you encounter specific requirements, worry not! We offer scalable solutions tailored to your needs. Whether you seek a comprehensive package of managed IT services and consulting, security solutions, or service desk support, Geostream simplifies the process with affordable and personalized plans.

What types of systems do you support?

We take pride in being your primary point of contact for all things IT-related. Whether your team utilises Microsoft 365 or Google Apps, operates on Windows or Mac, or employs Android or iOS, we stand ready to support you. Whether you require on-site server installation, hosting on Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS, or transitioning between ecosystems, we’ve got you covered. Our capabilities span the entire spectrum.

Is free Antivirus software any good?

First and foremost, ensuring security protection for your computer is imperative. Free Antivirus software often exhibits low detection rates. Give us a call, and we’ll be delighted to provide information on the latest recommended security software, available for purchase and safeguarding your systems against Spyware, Malware, and Viruses.

What is Cloud backup?

Cloud backup involves storing data on a remote server accessed over the internet, as opposed to local hard drives or external storage devices. This data, backed up to the remote server or “cloud,” remains accessible from any device with an internet connection.

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber Security plays a crucial role in safeguarding computer systems, networks, and devices from digital attacks, theft, and damage. Threats, such as malware, ransomware, and phishing attacks, necessitate individuals and businesses to take proactive steps to protect themselves against Cyber Security threats.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing represents a computing model delivering shared resources, including servers, storage, and applications, over the internet, commonly referred to as the “cloud.” This model enables users to access and utilise these resources on-demand, eliminating the need to manage the underlying infrastructure.

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