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IT Infrastructure Replacement

A significant aspect of IT systems involves the replacement of infrastructure through updates, upgrades, and consolidation, aiming to achieve optimal return on investment. Our infrastructure services evaluate the synergy between cloud and on-premises solutions, offering design, implementation, and tangible reductions in operational costs.

  • Architecture

    We collaborate with you and third-party suppliers to devise a solution that aligns with your business requirements, propelling your IT infrastructure to new heights.

  • Detailed Understanding

    Recognizing the unique nature and needs of each business, we ensure that the proposed solutions are tailored to enhance your business operations and align with your specific requirements.

  • Cost Awareness

    Acknowledging the financial implications, we present multiple options, providing a transparent understanding of the benefits of each solution along with a detailed cost breakdown.


Why is replacing infrastructure important?

A substantial portion of our focus involves replacing, upgrading, and refining your infrastructure to yield optimal outcomes and returns on investment.

The inevitability of hardware reaching the end of its operational life underscores the importance of timely replacements to prevent failures.

We offer a range of options for infrastructure replacement, from straightforward computer upgrades through our roll-and-replacement program to comprehensive network refreshes.

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We Follow Best Practice
  • Architecture Team

    Dealing with core systems relying on outdated hardware is a common challenge. Smaller businesses, constrained by IT costs, often opt for partial replacements, resulting in a mixed architecture. Meanwhile, larger enterprises contend with legacy applications that may not be compatible with newer platforms.

    Our approach is pragmatic, examining the functionality of existing hardware, collaborating with third-party software providers, and understanding the performance expectations of your IT systems. This allows us to propose solutions tailored to your needs, whether it involves upgrading on-premises hardware, migrating to cloud services and Azure-hosted servers, or adopting a hybrid deployment. We adhere to best practices, deploying Windows Server core when necessary and ensuring the careful separation of key roles to minimize risks and service interruptions, facilitating easier maintenance plans to uphold system security.

  • Your Business

    System refreshes take various forms, from updating network switching and routing devices to repurposing file servers, transitioning to network-attached storage devices, or decommissioning physical domain controllers and adopting an Azure Active Directory solution. Regardless of the specific changes contemplated, there will inevitably be an impact on your user base. Our objective is to make this transition as seamless and straightforward as possible.

    In the realm of networking changes, we adhere to a ‘secure by default’ approach, maintaining traffic separation from various sources and safeguarding it through internal firewall rules and layer three devices.

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