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Wi-Fi Deployment


Wireless Installation

A resilient Wi-Fi network is no longer merely a luxury; it is a vital necessity in contemporary business. With the escalating use of smart devices, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), IoT (Internet of Things) integrations, and the demand for guest Wi-Fi, the expertise we possess enables us to conduct surveys, design, and tailor a solution that ensures your business operates at its peak efficiency.

  • Industry-leading Hardware

    Collaborating with the best in the business ensures comprehensive Wi-Fi coverage in specified areas, coupled with optimal performance.

  • Detailed Surveys

    We will furnish you with comprehensive site surveys, conducted by our team, ensuring that the most suitable solution is thoroughly discussed and aligned with your requirements.

  • Budget Awareness

    We recognize the significance of financial considerations and will present multiple options with a transparent understanding and a detailed breakdown of costs.


Wi-Fi For Your Business

Businesses are increasingly adopting the digital workplace as an integral part of their evolution. While BYOD has played a pivotal role, there is now a broader scope. Employees and customers anticipate seamless connectivity across various devices, irrespective of location or time.

The design, implementation, management, and support of wireless workplaces can be more cost-effective with the right solutions. Wireless systems need to deliver reliable and high-quality service, offering secure access for both corporate users and guests.

We provide wireless solutions tailored specifically for your business, ensuring a business-grade standard.

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Our Wi-Fi Approach
  • Your Wi-Fi

    We analyze your wireless environment, identifying coverage strengths, signal weaknesses, and potential interference. A profound understanding of your space is crucial for optimizing Wi-Fi. Our surveys uncover issues such as channel conflicts and mobile hotspots, guiding decisions for future deployments.

  • Rogue-lite

    Adhering to our ‘secure by default’ principle, we integrate wireless communications with a secure infrastructure to mitigate cyber threats. Our network separation and SSID scheduler profiles ensure that wireless traffic is confined to designated areas, enhancing overall security. Leveraging expertise in deploying reputable vendors like Cisco, Meraki, and UniFi, we customize solutions to suit your budget without compromizing security.

  • Wi-Fi Built For You

    Expanding your Wi-Fi network depends on factors such as existing hardware, coverage, and redundancy. Our design ensures a reliable and practical solution tailored to your specific needs. We commence with an objective assessment, incorporating best practices and estimates. The design is adaptable, aligning with your practices, budget, and future plans. Upon agreement, we proceed to installation and deployment.

  • Wireless Airspace

    Following installation, we conduct post-installation surveys to optimize your wireless airspace. Whether you seek enhanced coverage or troubleshooting, our engineers can evaluate and provide guidance on channel allocations, antenna placement, and power settings for optimal coverage. We offer ongoing contracts for continuous support or discuss one-off solutions as required.

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