Internet Services



Business Connectivity and Broadband Solutions

In an ever-expanding world, the significance of reliable and swift internet speeds cannot be overstated, and we present options that can be of assistance. Whether it be a high-speed business-grade broadband line or a site-specific leased line, we can tailor it to align with your requirements and budget, offering an ideal solution for your business.

  • Super Fast Speeds

    Business-grade speeds crafted to suit your business needs are imperative. Suboptimal speeds can be a source of frustration, making the selection of the right solution crucial.

  • High Availability

    Uninterrupted operation is paramount for any business, and downtime is a luxury no business can afford. Failover lines are also at your disposal.

  • Reliable & Affordable

    Rest assured of having dependable yet affordable connectivity for your business, allowing you to concentrate on your core operations.


Why is having the right connectivity important?

While numerous options are available, it is imperative to pinpoint the right solution for your business. Given the unique nature of each business, distinct connectivity requirements must be taken into account. Prior to settling on a solution, a thorough consideration of what relies on internet connectivity is essential.

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Popular Connectivity Options

  • Leased Lines

    Leased lines deliver fibre optic business-grade connectivity via a dedicated line directly to your premises. They prove beneficial for businesses facing connectivity challenges or those necessitating higher speeds for seamless cloud integration.

  • Fibre to the Premises

    For small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) relying on connectivity for traditional purposes such as email and web browsing, Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) offers a cost-effective alternative at price points lower than leased lines, without compromizing on speed.

  • SoGEA

    Recognizing that not every business can invest in a leased line or access FTTP, an alternative solution is SoGEA (Single Order Generic Ethernet Access), a contemporary technology providing swift and readily accessible internet connectivity across various regions.

  • 4G / 5G

    For those on the move, 4G/5G provides connectivity on the go and can be utilized with diverse devices supporting internet connectivity. This cellular technology can also serve as a failover connection in case of a leased line or other service experiencing a loss of connection.