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Business Phone Systems

Effectively communicating with your colleagues, clients, and suppliers is a vital aspect of your business, and we have the means to facilitate this. We offer various options for business telephone systems, including VoIP and Unified Communications (UC) – a blend of voice, video, instant messaging, content sharing, and more, tailored to meet your business requirements.

  • Secure HD Voice Quality

    Crystal-clear audio quality enables you to engage in better phone conversations, enhancing overall business performance.

  • Work from Anywhere

    Our solutions ensures that you can answer calls from any location with just an internet connection.

  • Application Integration

    Elevate your business by integrating your telephone system with core business applications.

  • Cloud based Phone Systems

    No longer dependent on outdated on-site PBX systems, our phone systems are managed via the cloud, providing accessibility wherever you are.

  • Desktop & Mobile Applications

    Our solutions include desktop and mobile applications, enabling increased productivity.

  • Business-grade Handsets & Headsets

    Our solutions provide only the finest hardware, contributing to staff productivity and overall user experience.


Why is having the right phone system important?

While various phone systems exist, it’s crucial not only to consider the financial aspect but also to ensure that the system aligns with your business needs rather than working against them.

An ill-suited phone system can impede your business, so selecting one that suits your unique requirements is imperative. Consider the core applications you use, how your staff operates, and the limitations of your current phone system.

We carefully select our solutions based on client needs, drawing from our experience, and take pride in our choices.

Microsoft Teams meeting



  • Microsoft Teams

    As technology evolves, so does communication. Microsoft Teams enables a transition to a cloud-based communications solution, offering features and tools that complement your business and seamlessly integrate with the broader Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

    Microsoft Teams facilitates calls and meetings worldwide with an internet connection, allowing staff to participate in discussions and answer calls from any location and device.

    Options include video calls, screen sharing, live broadcast events, and more, enhancing visibility of discussed topics for both internal and external participants.

  • Geostream Voice

    For companies preferring a more traditional phone system, we present a cloud-hosted alternative with Geostream Voice. This cost-effective, independent phone system operates similarly to traditional setups but incorporates cloud functionality.

    This innovative solution blends the reliability of a conventional phone setup with the flexibility and scalability of cloud technology. Geostream Voice ensures a seamless transition for businesses accustomed to traditional communication methods while introducing new possibilities for enhanced collaboration and communication.

Amazing customer service, always helpful and very lovely staff!! Special thanks to Chris Whyke from Geostream, your help has been invaluable!

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