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IT Consultation

Modern IT teams are frequently streamlined to achieve optimal efficiency in daily operations, though this may impact crucial projects. Our team of senior architects and engineers, assembled for expert consultation, supplements your resources to guarantee the attainment of your objectives.

  • 3rd Party Engagement

    We collaborate with all stakeholders and are willing to exert additional effort to liaise with third-party entities on your behalf.

  • Project Management

    Our consultations transition into projects and will be overseen by project management, ensuring you receive consistent updates.

  • Extensive Experience

    Throughout the years, our seasoned team has delivered professional consultations to numerous companies, assuring comprehensive coverage of all aspects.


Professional IT Consultation with Geostream

Today’s businesses require computer networks that operate as integral components, if not the entirety, of their operations. With considerations ranging from government regulations to industry compliance, data privacy, and remote user access, the demands on businesses from modern IT are substantial.

By forming a partnership with us, we can assist you in upholding uninterrupted IT processes and collaborate with you to enhance efficiency, embracing a “secure by default” approach.

We collaborate closely with you to meticulously assess your IT systems, ensuring that you receive tailored solutions that seamlessly align with your business requirements.

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We Work For You
  • Bespoke Projects

    Geostream is the trusted choice for comprehensive IT support by large enterprises. We closely collaborate with clients, gaining insight into project requirements and seamlessly coordinating with internal teams. Whether the project is sizeable or modest, we manage tasks such as patch management, backup monitoring, and diverse non-routine functions. Furthermore, we have the capability to engage with third-party vendors for a thorough project delivery.

  • Embedded Resource

    The absence of internal resources can artificially constrain a project’s scope, duration, and effectiveness. We offer dedicated engineering time, seamlessly integrating with your team as an additional resource. This collaboration can take place on-site or remotely, on an ad-hoc, fixed-duration, or ongoing basis. Our engineers can undertake specific tasks or contribute as part of your larger team, always backed by the entire Geostream support for additional assistance, advice, and guidance, if needed.

  • IT Advice and Guidance

    Navigating the complexities of IT infrastructure review can be daunting without the requisite knowledge and resources. Drawing on extensive experience with various systems and infrastructures, Geostream provides invaluable guidance to empower clients to make informed decisions and maximize future benefits.

  • 3rd Party Companies

    When engaging with prominent global partners, businesses often encounter unexpected demands for IT resources and information. Leveraging our extensive experience in collaborating with international service providers, Geostream takes the lead in bridging communication gaps, fulfilling information requests, and addressing change requirements on behalf of our clients.

We migrated to Office365. Downtime was very close to none at all! Chris & Bailey ensured this project ran smoothly. They were very easy to deal with. Our staff found them very responsive and very professional. Overall what could have been a very difficult and complex migration was completed successfully with no issues. Highly recommend.
S Bower