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Your Complete Antivirus Solution

Armed with a potent blend of spam filtering, anti-malware scanning, anti-phishing, and proactive threat defence, we are poised to protect your business from infections and targeted attacks. Furthermore, we excel in thwarting emerging threats, including the cunning assaults of ransomware. Your security is our paramount concern!

  • Modern Endpoint Protection

    Through a multifaceted approach, our solution streamlines the removal of malware, strengthens resilience against ransomware, and prevents data breaches.

  • Advanced Threat Defense

    Delivers state-of-the-art cloud-based threat protection that guards against targeted attacks, with a specific focus on countering ransomware.

  • Microsoft 365 Protection

    Offers advanced protection for Microsoft 365 applications, defending against malware, spam, and phishing attacks through cutting-edge zero-day threat protection.

  • Email Security

    Enhances business security by intercepting threats before they reach users through anti-spam, anti-phishing, and anti-malware measures, combined with advanced threat defence.

  • Vulnerability & Patch Management

    Reinforces business security by automatically scanning and prioritising threats from outdated systems. Our solution supports automatic patching for a robust cyber security approach.

  • Low System Impact

    Our solution has minimal impact on systems, quietly shielding your devices without causing slowdowns, delivering robust security without compromizing performance.


Security is more than just Antivirus

In the ever-evolving landscape of cyber security threats, relying solely on antivirus software is akin to securing your front door while neglecting the open windows. While antivirus programmes are crucial for safeguarding your digital assets, it’s vital to recognize that securing your online presence requires more than a singular protective measure. Our antivirus solutions go beyond mere scanning for known malware. It is a comprehensive cyber security suite, offering an array of advanced features to establish multiple layers of protection, ensuring your business remains shielded at all times from various angles.

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Questions about Antivirus

Which antivirus solution is the best?

There exist numerous antivirus solutions, but the optimal choice for businesses depends on specific requirements. Our solution offers comprehensive protection, safeguarding your business through a multi-layered approach instead of relying solely on standard antivirus measures.

Does antivirus slow down my computer?

Opt for antivirus programs with minimal impact on system resources, such as ours, and schedule scans during non-peak hours. Our solution is exceptionally light compared to most antivirus options, even during active scans. Ensuring that your antivirus doesn’t compromise performance is crucial, as it can pose a security risk in itself.

How does antivirus handle threats like ransomware?

Our antivirus solution employs behaviour analysis, machine learning, and heuristics to identify and counter advanced threats. It encompasses all these features and will even isolate devices upon detecting ransomware, stopping its progress before it can spread. Seamless communication among all agents within the business ensures the highest level of security.

What features should I look for in a antivirus program?

Key features include real-time protection, centralised management, regular updates, firewall, email protection, and support for endpoint detection and response. Our solution covers all these elements.

How often should I update my antivirus software?

Regular updates are essential; many antivirus programs offer automatic updates to ensure protection against the latest threats. Our solution automatically updates the endpoint, and with our Endpoint as a Service, or if you have an IT Support contract with us, we proactively monitor your devices and fully manage the solution.

What is endpoint detection and response (EDR)?

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) enhances threat detection and response capabilities, providing detailed insights into security incidents on endpoints.

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