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Geostream Network Architecture

Recognizing the distinct needs of each business, we offer a fully tailored network architecture service. Our seasoned team will thoroughly discuss your requirements, taking into account both immediate objectives and future expansion, while also being mindful of potential oversights. We will explore various options, elucidating the limitations and advantages of different solutions to ensure the optimal outcome for your business.

  • Consultation Period

    Devoted time is allocated to discussing options with you, considering your ultimate goal.

  • Extensive Discovery

    It is imperative to comprehend the intricacies of your network setup. We ensure a thorough discovery process to understand and acknowledge the function of every component.

  • Detailed Reports

    We furnish detailed reports on your current setup, providing insights into the functionality of your network and suggestions for enhancing its security.


How can Geostream help?

A stable and reliable computer network is indispensable for any business.

We collaborate with numerous businesses to establish a robust foundation for their networks, ensuring maximum speed and reliability.

Failure to adequately maintain and proactively monitor your network may lead to critical issues or downtime.

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  • Discovery

    A meticulous discovery phase is essential to fully grasp client requirements. We listen to the client, understand their goals, and explore options. Agreement on deployment targets is crucial for defining the project scope and direction, aligning with expectations.

    For network deployments linking local sites to a new regional or global network, the discovery phase involves investigating existing site networks and services. This is compared with new network policies and requirements, leading to a re-architecture for compliance. This may necessitate a significant change with a cutover phase during a planned outage, requiring meticulous attention to avoid disruption.

  • Security

    We prioritize security in our network designs, addressing physical vulnerabilities often overlooked by relying solely on perimeter defenses. Unsecured networks pose risks such as direct access to sensitive data, delivery of dangerous payloads, and targeted spoofing attacks. Our comprehensive designs extend beyond physical and logical layers, ensuring robust network security even in environments with potential threats, providing clients with peace of mind for productivity and protection.

  • Local & Wide

    Modern networks transcend local silos, embracing centralised services, cloud hosting, and global interconnected offices. Agile solutions in hybrid or full cloud environments offer enhanced collaboration, significant cost savings, improved visibility, and a location-agnostic wide area network, enabling seamless work from any location, mirroring the office experience. We can implement this from the ground up or strategically transition over several months.

  • Data Centers

    Large businesses utilise regional data centers for hosting services, network infrastructure, backups, disaster recovery, and more. Leveraging our data center expertise, redundancy, multi-site connectivity, and SD-WAN solutions, we seamlessly integrate one or more data centres into a client’s network. Our routing planning minimizes bottlenecks, enabling failover circuits for maximum benefits with minimal downtime. We collaborate with data centres, providing remote hands for upgrades, maintenance, and 24/7 monitoring of hosted systems.

Very impressed with the level of service, Chris was very helpful with my endless questions and support needs.Thank you for your patience!

R. Sims