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IT support out of hours

Our IT support and services outside normal working hours ensure that your team receives assistance around the clock. We are committed to promptly addressing any issues that may arise, providing assurance that we are just a phone call away when facing challenges beyond regular business hours.

  • Continuous Operations

    Ensure the smooth running of your business 24/7 with our dedicated IT support for staff working outside regular hours.

  • Fast and friendly

    Exceptional customer care is our top priority. In challenging situations, our skilled team works to resolve issues, alleviating stress rather than adding to it.

  • Global Business Support

    To facilitate business expansion, the implementation of after-hours IT support ensures round-the-clock assistance for geographically dispersed users.


Why Geostream for out of hours support?

Ensuring uninterrupted access to your essential business applications and data around the clock is crucial. However, maintaining a dedicated in-house team working 24/7 can present significant challenges and expenses.

You can opt to collaborate with us to manage the out-of-hours (OOH) component of your IT Support. We have already allocated the necessary team and resources to deliver this service, allowing you to benefit from our economies of scale while ensuring continuous support for your users.

Support technician using a computer


Fast & Reliable Out of Hours IT Support

  • Our Service

    Our after-hours IT support team is prepared to swiftly address issues. Our proven escalation process ensures rapid resolution by experienced personnel during critical situations. Additionally, a dedicated Technical Account Manager is assigned to comprehend your business and its needs.

  • Always Available

    Hidden issues may arise, initiating a countdown to failure. Our 24/7 monitoring automatically addresses many problems, with intervention as needed. Automated alerts notify us if intervention is required. We proactively resolve issues, providing support even during non-standard hours with our optional Out of Hours (OOH) service for critical events.

  • Business Growth

    As your business expands, its support structure needs to grow as well. When you use a managed IT service, you can easily scale your business up or down with nothing more than a simple discussion. This scalability ensures that your technological infrastructure aligns seamlessly with the evolving demands of your expanding enterprise, fostering adaptability and efficiency.

  • Bespoke Pricing

    Your IT needs will benefit from out-of-hours support, as the dedicated team ensures optimal performance and promptly addresses any emerging challenges. This collaborative approach fosters a dynamic environment, promoting innovation and adaptability within your business.

The team at Geostream have provided IT support to us for several years here at Maguire Training. Their expertise in tailoring a first-class upgrade means our business has a solid IT platform today and for some years to come.

D Rickersey